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What You Need to Know About Medicare and Drug Coverage

With FHK Insurance
Posted at 10:57 AM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 11:57:20-05

Although the Medicare Open Enrollment period is over for now, it's always beneficial to know what coverage is out there and what you're eligible for. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D both offer drug coverage, but only one includes Doctor's visits as well. It’s complicated and there are many moving parts, especially when it comes to drug coverage. Drug coverage in some cases may help determine if the individual goes w/ Medicare Advantage or a combination Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D. Here to explain more about Medicare options is Nikki Johnson, Senior Advisor at FHK Insurance and Gary Melis, a Pharmacist with Network Health.

FHK is run by 3rd & 4th generation owners, and for or over 50 years FHK has been helping seniors with their Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Drug Plans, and more recently serving the ACA market too. FHK is a local independent agency with experienced agents that get to know their clients by meeting in person at FHK or location convenient to client, maintaining social distance and masked, over the phone, or in Zoom meeting(s).

FHK is continuing to offer their complimentary Rx review and will be happy to answer any Medicare related questions you might have. You can talk to a licensed agent by calling FHK at 414-228-7555. There’s no cost and no obligation.