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What You Need to Know About Medicare and COVID19

With Silver Supplement Solutions
Posted at 10:40 AM, Apr 15, 2020

The global pandemic has brought more questions about personal health and health care than ever before. People want to know what treatments are covered by their insurance plans and where to access it if necessary. People on or near Medicare are most vulnerable to the virus, and Medicare is responding to the issue by dropping co-payments for testing and impatient treatments related to the virus. To find out more about the benefits Jerry and Deb Dornbusch from Silver Supplement Solutions, authorized agents with Sovereign Select, join us to go over Medicare options and telemedicine.

Even though everything is physically closed, The Silver Supplements Solutions Office is still offering assistance through new channels like webinars, Facebook, Youtube, and Skype among others.

People may register for these events by giving their office a call, sending them an email or visit their website and registering by choosing a date and time and registering directly on the website.

To schedule your appointment or to find out more about their Free
educational series "The Road to Medicare":
call: 262-728-9311
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*A call to reserve your seat is preferred as space is limited
*There is no cost for this event
* This event is educational only.
*Silver Supplement Solutions LLC does not represent Medicare or any government agency
*You may be directed to speak to a licensed agent

Silver Supplement Solutions LLC is an authorized agent of Sovereign Select LLC an independent insurance agency offering a wide array of insurance products from many different companies. With several insurance companies products to choose from, we offer health, life, dental, and specialize specifically in Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D Prescription drug plans. We are able to custom fit individuals with an insurance program that best meets their specific needs. Call 262-728-9311 or email or for more information.