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The Spirit of Kids

Posted at 10:48 AM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 11:48:11-04

Addison the Light Catcher is the first book in theGnat & Corky Series. It sheds light on love, advocacy and the powerful bond of siblings. Addison tells the story of her fictional “super-duper light catcher” she made when her specials needs brother, Asher, was born to catch his light and share it with the world. This story is about real siblings and Addison’s love and adoration for her brother, Asher, who has Down syndrome. The message is universal; everyone has a light that shines from within-this story reminds us to seek it out in others and share our own.  Gnat & Corky aka Courtney Kotloski and Natalie Sorrentino are embarking on a 16 book series based on the spirit of real kids.