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The History of Milwaukee Drag

Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project
Posted at 10:27 AM, Jun 16, 2022

Michail Takach and BJ Daniels are here with the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project to talk about the long, colorful history of Milwaukee drag. Michail wrote a book called Milwaukee Drag: Seven Generations of Glamour. Since 1995, the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project has become the state’s largest repository of LGBTQ historical media. They recognized they were missing a significant amount of content on drag history. Michail started research in fall 2018 and was shocked to discover that drag history went back much, much farther than they imagined and has been a constant influence on Milwaukee nightlife for nearly 140 years.

There will be a book signing on July 17th presented by MOWA at the Saint Kate Arts Hotel.