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Simple Tips for a Great Wine Tasting Party

And Details on the Lake Geneva Festival Of Wine!
Posted at 10:54 AM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 11:54:38-04

Even those of us who really like wine may not feel like we know all that much about it. Without pretense, without snobbery, wouldn't it be fun to get a bunch of friends together with a bunch of bottles and get a bit more attuned to what strikes our individual fancies? That's exactly what David Caruso is helping us put together with his wine tasting party tips! And if you don't want to throw the wine event yourself, you can head to the Lake Geneva Festival Of Wine! Chef Nelly Buleje from Grand Geneva Resort & Spa joins us with a food and wine preview!

The Lake Geneva Festival Of Wine is happening April 5-7 at Grand Geneva Resort and Spa! For more information and to purchase tickets and your stay, call 1-800-558-3417 or visit