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Retinol for Sensitive Skin Types

Merle Norman
Posted at 10:14 AM, Apr 24, 2023

Renee Hitt from Merle Norman joins us today to tell us about a softer Retinol formula for those who have sensitive skin but are still seeking the anti-aging benefits of the key ingredient. Merle Norman offers several Retinol formula's including the Retinol Night Complex, Fine Line Minimizer and an Anti-Aging Complex Eye Treatment with SPF 15 included in the formula. Merle Norman is offering a limited-edition gift set called Proven Pair, featuring the intensive Pro-Retinol Fineline Minimizer and protective Anti-Aging Complex Eye Treatment. These serums are both clinically proven to reduce fine lines and protect the skin. The Fine Line Minimizer alone has been shown to reduce lines by 51%. For more information, visit online at Merle Norman.