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Holiday Shopping Tips

with Brad's Deals
Posted at 11:15 AM, Nov 08, 2021

Holiday shopping season is in full swing and consumers are buying extra early this year to avoid shipping woes as supply chain hiccups continue.

When it comes to staying safe while buying holiday gifts this season Casey Runyan from Brad’s Deals offers some tips for shoppers:

1. Consider paying with a credit card

“Shoppers may have extra protection when using a credit card because you can file a dispute over that purchase and to get your money back,” says Runyan.

2. Verify website before buying

“This especially goes for clicking on social media ads. Make sure the name of the company matches the website address (and you aren’t looking at a site pretending to be something else). For example, our logo says “brad’s deals'' very clearly and our website is This is what you want to look for.”

3. Beware of phishing emails

“These types of emails are on the rise. If you get an order confirmation email from a company you don’t remember ordering from, it should raise a red flag. I always recommend calling the official customer service number (not the one in the email) to clear up the issue.”

Finally, when it comes to holiday shopping deals, Runyan encourages shoppers to start shopping now.

For more tips, head to the Brad’s Deals website and follow the blog, more for less. That’s where you’ll find more advice on holiday shopping tips and tricks.