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Good Morning Little One

A Calming and Encouraging Storyline for Little Ones to Start Their Day
Posted at 6:36 AM, Apr 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-07 07:36:23-04

Author of Good Morning Little One, Amy Kavelaris gives us the inside look on her book that's all about ways to calm and encourage the emotions of little ones as they start each new day! The book includes morning affirmations and whimsical illustrations by the author. The adorable animals with gorgeous floral art and words of hope help remind the little ones of God's love, security, and peace for the day ahead. Remind your little one of the hope that is found everywhere around them!
Amy Kavelaris will be having her next book signing at Fray Boutique in Oconomowoc on Saturday April 9th at 10am
The book is sold on Amazon, Altar'd State, Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and soon at Costco.