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Minor Damage? Minor Prices at Acci-Dent!
Posted at 10:27 AM, Apr 01, 2019

A rough Wisconsin winter can take its toll on a lot of things, but it can be especially brutal on our cars! If your car experienced any minor damage throughout the winter months, you may think it's not worth it seek out a repair. It's minor, right? Why spend a lot of money? Well at Acci-Dent, minor damage means minor prices! Joining us to discuss the services they offer is Acci-Dent owner Nick Sanfilippo.

Right now, you can get $25 off any dent repair! Just to and look for The Morning Blend logo for the special offer!

And, you can text pictures of your damage to (414) 305-5005 for a fast estimate! (Just make sure you take the picture form at least 5 feet away.)