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Get To Know The History Of Wisconsin's Supper Clubs

with Ron Faiola
Posted at 10:19 AM, Nov 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 11:19:40-05

What could possibly make a vegetarian give up being a vegetarian for good? For Ron Faiola, watching his friends dig into their steaks at a supper club while he had to make do with a salad and french fries did the trick. In The Wisconsin Supper Clubs Story: An Illustrated History, with Relish, the third in his popular series, Ron Faiola invites readers to pull up a chair as he regales us with more than a century of history behind this beloved dining tradition, guiding readers from London to Hollywood, to New York City, and finally, to his own home state.

Book signings start next month!
December 1, 2021: Dinner at the Pinewood Supper Club in Mosinee, WI. Call 715.693.3180 for reservations.

December 2, 2021: Dinner at the Packing House in Milwaukee, WI. Call 414.483.5054 for reservations.

December 9, 2021: Dinner at Club Oasis in Sparta, WI. Call 608.269.2644 for reservations.

December 15, 2021: Dinner at the HobNob in Racine, WI. Call 262.552.8008 for reservations.

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