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Enjoy Wisconsin's Comedic History with a Brand New Exhibit!

With the Museum of Wisconsin Art
Posted at 11:09 AM, Aug 05, 2020

Living in Wisconsin is funny. We yell "cow!" on our roadtrips, eat too much cheese, and say "ope, let me just squeeze right past ya" in crowds. Luckily, this comedic history has been preserved and put on display at two locations!

Wisconsin Funnies is the first exhibition to present the rich history of comics in Wisconsin. The nearly two hundred works by twenty-five artists will illustrate the major themes, innovations, and publications that characterize the state’s past half-century of comic art. The exhibition pairs hand-drawn original art with printed material such as comic books, alternative weekly newspapers, and other collectibles and ephemera. Wisconsin Funnies will be on view in two locations: the Museum of Wisconsin Art’s “mother ship” in West Bend and MOWA, located in downtown Milwaukee at Saint Kate the Arts Hotel. We spoke to Jennifer Turner from and Tyler Friedman from the Museum of Wisconsin Art about this exciting event!

Opening weekend is August 8–9 in West Bend with outdoor food truck vendors on Saturday between 12-3PM and artist video commentary throughout the weekend. The exhibit is open through November 22 and can be seen at two locations West Bend and satellite location in the Saint Kate–The Arts Hotel in Downtown Milwaukee.