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Composting Leaves: Reducing Waste and Protecting Water

Helpful Tips from Waukesha County Recycling
Posted at 10:37 AM, Oct 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-02 11:37:18-04

Fall is here in Wisconsin, and the leaves are changing colors. Eventually those leaves will be falling to the ground. So while it's time to bust out those rakes, do you know what to do with all the dead leaves? Joining us to explain how composting them can reduce waste and protect local waters is Analiese Smith from Waukesha County Recycling.

You can learn about composting from the Waukesha County Recycling staff at a Composting Workshop on Monday, October 7 at WCTC for FREE! You can sign up online at (search for "COMPOST").