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Climbing Down The Ladder

Is It Ok To Have No Ambitions in 2023?
Posted at 10:19 AM, Jan 10, 2023

Author Laura Black was a child entrepreneur who worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder. She rose through the ranks with goals measured by market-share and profitability. As she chose to end her career, her descent was market with loss and marginalization. Dealing with the telltale signs of aging and being an empty nester, the climb down was not as structured as the climb up the ladder. She says for some having no ambition may be right at this time in your life. She offers simple tips to find a new path after 50 and to find contentment.
Laura Black says she grew up in South Florida and in her words it was a location where self-worth for her was about physical beauty. "I could not achieve this and came to emulate my successful father rather than my attractive mother. I filled my ego with work success, but after retiring had to look for new measurement— ultimately giving up any kind of accountability and replaced it with acceptance and gratitude."
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