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Bundle Up With A Picture Book

with Carole Barrowman
Posted at 11:11 AM, Nov 16, 2021

November is picture book month! Carole Barrowman joins us to share a few picture book recommendations you and your child will love. Carole is an English Professor at Alverno College. Her book reviews appear in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Star Tribune.

  • The Midnight Fair written by Gideon Sterer, illustrated by Mariachiara Di Giorgio (ages 3-8)
    Wordless picture books are a great example of books that respect a child’s imagination because they can make up their own stories to go along with the drawings. Plus, if you have a budding writer in the family, they could write down their stories to go along with the book’s illustrations. This brilliant richly detailed book is about what happens at the fair when all the humans who run it are sleeping. What do you think happens?
  • A Place inside of Me: A Poem to Heal the Heart written by Zetta Elliott, illustrated by Noa Denmon (ages 5 and up)
    This award-winning book tells the story of a Black child whose community experiences a deadly shooting. Told in poem form, the book is energetic and life-affirming with an important message about loving yourself. I think this would be a good choice for families who’d like a way to talk to their own children about violence and the difficult emotions it stirs.
  • Aaron Slater, Illustrator written by Andrea Beaty, illustrated David Roberts (ages 4-7)
    I’m pretty sure the youngsters in your life have already discovered Ada Twist, Scientist on Netflix. My Adeline is a huge fan. She also loves The Questioneers series the show is based on. The series is about a class of children who are curious and creative in their own unique ways. Each book features a different student in the class and focuses on their abilities, in this case Aaron is an artist. Aaron loves to tell stories, but when he tries to write them down, he has a difficult time expressing himself clearly. That is, until he figures out he can draw his stories.
  • Sharky McShark by Alison Murray (ages 2-4)
    Not only does this book have an awesome title, but it’s a joy to read with or without a young child. Sharky is the biggest bully in the ocean, so she doesn’t have any friends until a tiny crab “drops” into her world. The illustrations are bold and colorful and there are lots of punny funs (I mean funny puns).

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