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Posted at 10:34 AM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 11:34:15-05

We are spending a lot more time inside our homes, there are new ways to brighten our space, and keep it healthier. Kathryn Emery, a 20 year Home Improvement & Lifestyle Expert is here with five tips to help us enhance our space with lighting and keep things healthy.
Update your light bulbs to lighting that mimics natural sunlight. SYLVANIA Natural Series LED bulbs with TruWave Technology, is the closest light bulb to the light the sun provides.
MicroGoldDisinfectant & Antimicrobial Spray is EPA certified to kill the COVID-19 virus in three minutes. That antimicrobial inhibitor means Covid 19 and other harmful bacteria and viruses, cannot grow on that surface once you've cleaned it.

Go touchless with your hand sanitizing! Think about the germs on your hands as you touch faucets or sanitizers to clean your hands … I often think, do I need to sanitize my sanitizer?

Sense & Dispense is a touchless, battery powered unit that comes with refillable alcohol based gel sanitizer, it is going to kill those germs (70% alcohol) but it is safe for frequent use, it’s not sticky, it doesn’t dry hands out and has a light scent that is pleasant and not over powering.
Keeping your home healthy is top-of-mind now more than ever. Something in our homes to consider is humidity levels. Raising indoor relative humidity levels to between 40 perfect and 60 percent can prevent germs.

Look for a humidifier manufacturer that uses an antimicrobial inhibitor that is infused into the tank and base, such as Air Innovations Clean Mist Humidifiers, which are infused with an antimicrobial inhibitor that helps prevent microbial growth on the surface of the tank and base, and have a permanent ceramic filter to trap other impurities. This means no gunk growing in the tank and low maintenance: the permanent ceramic filter is cleaned by just rinsing.
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