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Blend Extra: Know That You Truly Belong

An Author Shares Her Powerful Realization
Posted at 1:01 PM, Mar 17, 2023

Gina Casazzajoins us to chat about her new children's book You Really, Truly Do Belong.
You Really, Truly Do Belong is an educational, picture book where children learn self-acceptance, self-worth & courage, understanding that they are enough just as they are!
The author will explain how this book came to be. It involved her training with a Navy SEAL. Gina does stand-up comedy, owns a bracelet company and created a bracelet that scans to your phone and connects you to a wellness application. Gina went to film school and has worked on many show and also got to work with Penny Marshal and Ralph Macchio.
Her book can be found at Amazon, Target and Barnes & Noble.