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A New Thrilling Novel Based in Milwaukee

With Author Nick Petrie
Posted at 11:06 AM, Jan 12, 2021

A new explosive thriller is awaiting to take you on a journey through Milwaukee's dark side. This is the latest installment featuring Peter Ash, a war veteran struggling with PTSD who travels the United States, stumbling into mysteries that only a man with his unique skill set can solve. A man wanted by two governments, Peter Ash has found a simple, low-profile life in Milwaukee, living with his girlfriend June and renovating old buildings with his friend Lewis. Staying out of trouble is the key to preserving this fragile peace . . . but when Peter spots a suspicious armed man walking into a crowded market, he knows he can't stand by and do nothing.

Nick Petrie is the author of five novels in the Peter Ash series, most recently The Wild One. He joins us today to talk about his new book The Breaker and how Milwaukee helps inspire him to write these intense thrilling novels.

Nick invites you to his webinar tonight. Follow this link to register here.

You can grab your copy of The Breaker by visiting or by visiting your favorite bookstore.