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A Local Author Realizes Her Dream

Writing Books For Children
Posted at 9:57 AM, Mar 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-23 10:57:43-04

Meet Latoya Watson, author of several children's books and one on the way! She was inspired early in life by her parents who encouraged her creative writing. She became a valuable asset to children by offering tutoring service after graduating summa cum laude from Concordia University in Early Childhood Education. Her mission is to transform the lives of children through her books.
- Colors of Feelings is a great book about children who experience different feelings for each color of the rainbow.
- My Adventure in Shape Town is about the amazing journey a young boy takes in route to discovering how to use his five senses to relates to shapes. Join Dillion as he wanders through the magical Shape Town with his new found friends.
- “Langston Saves the Day” is an endearing tale of an energetic young boy who starts his day just wanting to go out and enjoy the day with his friends. Peril strikes, and Langston must find the courage within himself to safe his friends, to save the day!! Through it all, Langston becomes the hero and defines what courage and determination are all about.
- “True Blue Que” is a story of a young boy with a creative imagination that poses the biggest question for students. Doing homework or not doing homework on a wonderfully warm autumn day.
-Coco Counting Forest Friends is a playful, imaginative to assist children with learning numbers.
Meet Latoya Watson
April 9, 2022 12-6pm
20001 West Good Hope Road Milwaukee, Wi (Community Event)