Wisconsin DWD answers questions you asked about unemployment benefits

Posted at 9:38 PM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 07:53:22-04

MILWAUKEE — Dozens of people have reached out to us at TMJ4 News to ask for help when it comes to the unemployment benefits process. Many say they are stuck in the "pending" phase when it comes to getting their checks.

"It feels pretty frustrating because there is no reason," said Anna Marquardt.

The mother of two is on week number five, waiting for her benefits. Marquardt continues to see a "pending" status every time she checks her application.

We reached out to the Department of Workforce Development, and Emily Savard, Program and Policy Analyst with the Unemployment Division, answered some of your questions.

QUESTION: Is there a typical timeline for these claims?

"There could be hundreds of different variables that impact the timeline for processing and application. Typically, ideal world, ideal setting, somebody applies for benefits. They supply all their information, we ask all their employers in the last 18 months to verify information and supply wages information. If all their information matches, we can move forward and payout benefits. All that can be done in about a week," said Savard.

QUESTION: If you are furloughed from your job, do you have to put in a resume and go through the Job Center Process?

"If they are told they need to register with the Job Center of Wisconsin, they should do that," said Savard.

QUESTION: If someone is laid off, but can't work because their daycare is closed, should they say they cannot work?

"If not for COVID, would you be able and available for work? Then you can answer that as yes," said Savard.

QUESTION: Is there a common mistake people are making when they file?

"If somebody is laid off due to COVID, say they are laid off today, so the question is if they missed any work available to them? A lot of people have been saying yes, I have. But the employer laid them off, so there is truly no work available to them," said Savard.

Her advice is if you need to ask questions, keep calling back. DWD is currently bringing in more people to try to get more calls answers. Otherwise, they have a Frequently Asked Questions page that is updated daily.

Watch the full interview with Emily Savard below as she answers some more questions on unemployment benefits:

Unemployment questions with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

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