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We're Open: Yummy Bones serves up some of the best barbecue

Posted at 6:39 AM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 07:39:37-05

Yummy Bones Barbecue Restaurant in Port Washington has some of the best barbecue in town.

It's owned by Robert Meredith, who had some humble beginnings.

"I started out in July of thirteen, at a gas station here in Port Washington, I just had a Weber Grill, some pork that I made overnight, and I took it to the gas station and started selling out of a gas station."

Meredith got into the restaurant business after he lost his job as a truck driver.

"I used to be a truck driver man. I started working for Pepsi Cola. I have sleep apnea, so the industry decided I was unsafe to drive these trucks and said 'see ya later', and I had to reinvent myself."

Meredith has some award-winning items on his menu, here's Meredith on his first-place chili.

"I've got some brisket in there, I've got some hamburger meat, I got regular char hamburgers, I got three different types of beans I've got my own flair and then I smoke it overnight"

One of Meredith's most flattering moments came when a customer wanted to ship his barbecue to LA.

"I had some lady that was from California, some government official, who wanted to ship my food truck out to California, so I can do one of their 4th of July parades."

His first restaurant was in a basement of a building that is now abandoned, Meredith walked us through his early times.

"This right here is a dining area of the original Yummy Bones that we had. We had my smoker over here and my little grill and we made it happen. There were some days that was tough though. When I first got started man, I got flooded here twice. I had a fire here, so imagine shut down and seeing your dream almost diminish right in front of you."

Inside we went into Meredith's office where he showed up some important saying on his wall.

"My desk sat right here," Meredith said. "I had all of my affirmations of things you know on the wall." As he reads, "those who dare to dream, everybody should be dreaming to see where they want to go in life."

"If you ain't got no plan you ain't going nowhere," he said.

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