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We're Open: Wild Roots in West Allis celebrates anniversary, delicious food

Posted at 6:29 AM, Mar 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-30 11:49:49-04

Wild Roots at 6807 West Beecher Street in West Allis, just celebrated its two-year anniversary.

They're a farm-to-table restaurant that is becoming pretty popular because of their delicious food and great ambiance.

Owner Thi Cao put a lot into making his first restaurant special.

"Everything about this restaurant is very personal to me, we try to take everything here that has some kind of significance some kind of history, I try to keep it woodsy, Earth tones."

Chef Cao has 17 years of experience in the kitchen, with eight of those years as the head chef at Buckley's Restaurant.

The Duck Fat Burger, which is on their menu, was voted one of the best in Milwaukee.

"We sear up this burger which is ground in house, and we submerge it in duck fat, so one it's delicious, and two, it's something that is different. That's what we're all about, we take something and give it a little twist, we add American cheese and caramelized onions and our house-made thousand islands," said Cao.

Most of the food that he cooks is wild and natural, with the foundation coming from different farms in the area.

Another big seller that they have is their gnocchi dish.

"So, this gnocchi dish is a vegetarian dish, made with seasonal squash that they get from a farmer, fresh peas, the style that we're making though is Parisian-style gnocchi with butter eggs and flower, we pipe into boiling water, sautee it up, brown butter sage walnuts, raisins. It's delicious," said Cao.

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