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We're Open: The new cookie baking kit from Kenosha made by people with disabilities

Posted at 6:33 PM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 19:33:33-04

KENOSHA — There's a new unique and delicious cookie brand out of Kenosha. It's called Kenosha Awesome Cookies, and it's made by people with disabilities.

More specifically, they make a cookie baking kit. The recipes offered are: white chocolate lemon, triple chocolate, regular with chocolate with M&M's, and chocolate M&M's just to name a few.

"I'd say so we’ve sold over 200 jars at the moment," Sadie Hubbard, one of the founders of Kenosha Awesome Cookies, said.

The business started in December 2020, and so far everyone is thrilled with the rapid success.

Kenosha Awesome Cookies jars
Jars filled with a cookie baking kit made by Kenosha Awesome Cookies.

"I think it's just that ability of being able to do stuff and see other people smile when they get their orders," Hubbard said.

It's all operated out of the Kenosha Achievement Center. It offers transportation services, employment training, and child development care to people with special needs.

This specific group of 18 to 26-year-olds is focused on job training.

"We kind of work on employment. How to be a better employee. How do we work on our skills for employment like becoming an employee, and we also work on just daily living," Kourtney Bilotta, the youth services manager at the Kenosha Achievement Center, said.

Kenosha Awesome Cookies Assembly
Founding members of the Kenosha Awesome Cookies company assembly cookie baking kits.

While the baking kit sales have been good, the sweetest reward has been the learning opportunities.

"I've learned to speak more to people like to customers because I am shy," Hubbard said.

There are five people part of the Kenosha Awesome Cookies team. They divide the labor. For example, some people are in charge of packaging, others are spokespersons, and one answers the emails. It's an effort to fully understand business operations in hopes that it transfers to full-time employment elsewhere.

"They might not be able to do it by themselves, but honestly I couldn’t do it by myself either, and that’s what they need to know. They don’t just need to know how to run a business, but they need to know that they are capable of running a business. They are capable of doing whatever they want," Bilotta said.

To order the cookies email kenoawesomecookies@thekac.com or go to the Kenosha Achievement Center's website.

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