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We're Open: Tess has been making customers feel at home for 19 years

Posted at 6:38 AM, Feb 11, 2021

Tess, a Contemporary American restaurant on the East Side, has been serving their customers for the last 19 years. Their food is excellent here, and owner Mitchell Wakefield also takes pride in their location.

"We're off the beaten path, we're not downtown next to a hotel, or Convention Center," he says. "We're in a little neighborhood, a little residential neighborhood, so it takes word of mouth to get the word out, that we're here"

Mitchell owns the restaurant with his wife Ashley. The two met here while working together.

Mitchell explains why their two signature dishes, have been so successful, over the years.

"Everybody likes to get steak, especially us people in Wisconsin," Mitchell said. "Unless you're a vegetarian, who doesn't love a great piece of red meat, especially when the weather gets cold you want something."

The pork tenderloin is also popular with their customers.

"The Pork Tenderloin is very nice too," Mitchell says. "That's kind of a reflection of our chef and his background. Martin, he's from Mexico City and that dish definitely showcases some of the flavors and techniques that he grew up with, and we're always happy when he showcases those on the menu."

One of the reasons Mitchell and his wife picked this venue is because it makes their customers feel like their at home.

" The exact reason that I wanted this location, in this building, and this spot, in this neighborhood because it does have that homespun feel to it, and I think our staff has embraced that expect of the business as well and it really comes through in the service the food, and the atmosphere. "

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