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We're Open: Taste something new at Three Cellars in Menomonee Falls

Posted at 6:29 AM, Apr 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-15 08:53:52-04

Three Cellars on the corner of Appleton Ave. and Good Hope Road in Menomonee Falls is a specialty bar, that has an incredible selection of beer and wine that's always changing to keep their customers coming back for more.

Gino Gaglianello owns the bar.

"We do 24 beers on draft. It's even more changing than our retail section, so we never tap the beer back to back. If we tap a bar twice, it's going to be within months separation of from each other. Something for everybody's palette, for everybody's flavor, so we go from anything from lagers to our IPAs. We have six IPAs on tap and then we go from lighter dark beers to heavy dark beers," said Gaglianello.

Gaglianello has owned this bar that he likes to call the "Cheers" of Menomonee Falls for the past five years.

He brings a positive attitude to work every day. Gaglianello is so grateful for the customers that supported his business through the pandemic, "Our Customers are the best he says, they came through in droves for us."

"Some of our customers made a joke with me early on in the quarantine, they're like, going on our online shop, and buying beers and wines. It's like trying to get concert tickets, because like things would sell out in like a minute, they know that it's just me and my team. We're small, we're independent, there are only seven of us that work here."

Three Cellars has over 200 different types of wines in their retail section.

Gaglianello shares their focus, "We focus on smaller family-owned vineyards and we focus on wines that you're not going to find at grocery stores, and you're not going to find in most retail outlets."

He continues, "What we love is that you can sample in-house as well, so we're always rotating on what we're pouring in the glass and were picking it right off the shelves right here we rotate these wines out weekly."

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