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We're Open: Supermoon Beer Company converts old Bay View home into working brewery

Posted at 9:51 PM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 22:56:27-04

In Bay View they've got something special brewing. It's called Supermoon Beer Company, which is located in a house that is 120 years old.

Their specialty is Old Farmhouse Rustic Beer. Rob Brennan is the owner.

"So years ago when I was a student at Marquette, I started taking tours at Lakefront Brewery. It was one of the best things a college kid could do at that point - take a tour, have a beer, and get some information," Brennan says.

Rob started home brewing in the kitchen of his dorm room at Marquette in the early 2000s, perfecting his craft.

“We joke that the universe handed us the brewery," Rob says. "We intended to just live here until we found out that the building was zoned to be a brewery. We pursued the rest of the licensing and paperwork with the federal government and the state, and built a brewery inside our old house."

On Friday, Supermoon Beer Company announced two new farmhouse ales: Many Phases and Neighbs, a collaboration with Milwaukee's 1840 Brewing Company. Both are available for pre-order until September 16. Click or tap here for more information.

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