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We're Open: Soccer fans find their home at Red Lion Pub

Posted at 6:22 AM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 11:38:30-05

The Red Lion Pub on Water Street is a British-style pub that is big with the soccer crowd because they show matches from all over the world here.

General Manager George Watson explains why they're the place to be for soccer games,

"We've got ten to twelve TVs, we've got multiple streaming devices, so we can show you whatever game you want, whether it's Brazilian Football, whether it's Premy league or Bundesliga, we've got great beer specials like Carlsberg which is the beer to drink if you're a soccer fan, if you're a soccer fan you know about Carlsberg," said Watson.

What attracts their customers from in town and all over the world, is they like to feel like they're in their own homes when they're here as Watson explains, "Having this Pub is like an extension of the living room, so when you guys are coming in here, it's like being able to feel like you on your sofa at home."

"We've got a really nice vibe downstairs, It's more for dining, so you can sit there, interact eat some great food," said Watson.

"Whereas upstairs, it's a little cozier, so if you want to take your girl out on a date, or you want to come out with your mom and dad, and sit by the fireplace. The food here is awesome."

Watson says their fish chips are the best in the city, "The English fish and chips are the best thing on the menu, and by far the best thing in Milwaukee, you get a big traditional slab of codfish and chips battered with English style fries."

They also show all of UFC fights according to Watson, "We show every fight, rather if it the smallest fight, or the biggest paid fight, we will show it. We have [had] some famous people come in here to watch them. Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook have been here before and it's just a great place."

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