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We're Open: Mo's Irish Pub works to return to normal amid pandemic

Posted at 6:29 AM, Apr 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-13 07:29:02-04

It's been a long wait for customers to return back inside of Mo's Irish Pub in downtown Milwaukee. Patrons filled in after an 11-month wait because of the pandemic.

General Manager Katie Hubert is ready to get things back to normal.

"We are social distancing, we are making sure everyone is safe. We do have two bars upstairs, so we are opening up both bars if possible, everyone is coming out and having a good time, but we are staying safe. Masks have to be worn when you come into the building, and the social distancing is huge," said Hubert.

Mo's is adding special nights to their customers back in the door.

Hubert says, "We're doing the D.J's live on Friday and Saturday. They go up on the stage everyone has a good time listening to music. It's not like the live music that we used to have but hopefully we can move forward and get to that again."

Draft beer is big here, but Guinness is the most popular according to Hubert.

"It's all about the pour and how we do it, everybody enjoys Guinness. We do Irish Car Bombs with Guinness everybody has a good time with it and enjoys it," says Hubert.

Mo's also has great food to serve their customers.

"Shepherd's pie is one of our most popular," said Hubert. "We also have our Fish and Chips, which is a good one as well for a fish fry on Friday nights, but we do have Fish and Chips all the time."

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