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We're Open: Meat on the Street waits to reopen their dining room

Posted at 7:45 PM, Jul 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-17 20:45:41-04

MILWAUKEE — Meat on the street is a popular Filipino restaurant inside the Old Pabst building who is playing it safe for now. They've decided not to open up their counter service because of the rise of COVID cases.

"We decided the best way is to limit exposure because that's kinda what the CDC recommended. Space between everyone you're a Quarantine team. So that's why we chose to start like that. As things progressed we were considering opening, but with the recent spikes and a lot of our restaurant friends have all had positive cases. We think it's better for us to stay closed and not open for counter service and operate as a virtual restaurant essentially, so we can make it through this entire pandemic," said owner Alexa Alfaro.

Ordering online makes pickup quick and easy at Meat on the Street.

"If you go online and place your order you place your pick up time. Whatever your pick up time, if you're here early, our you're here late, it's totally cool, we're gonna work with you to get you your food," said Alfaro.

Not only is pick up an option, but it's curbside.

"You just pull up, we run outside masked up, and we hand you your food and you go about your way. So it's a super quick transaction right now.

If you make a last-minute decision to go to Meat on the Street, don't worry. Carryout is also a quick process.

"If you come inside food only takes five to ten minutes so we can still make it very quick for you," said Alfaro.

Meat on the Street is located at 1125 N 9th St. in Milwaukee.

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