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We're Open: Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub struggles for record year amid pandemic

Posted at 9:39 PM, Jul 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-23 23:28:25-04

MILWAUKEE — This was going to be a record year for Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub in the Historic Brewery District. They were on pace for a record year until the pandemic hit which put them on the losing end of some big revenue events.

"The Bucks had their best season in franchise history, I'm very confident they would have been playing well into June had the regular season had not been disrupted, and that would've carried that into the DNC," said owner Mark Zierath.

Zierath wasn't just depending on local events though, he also had large private events booked.

"We had some big private events scheduled and that would've rolled into ML week and I'm also confident the Brewers would've had a great year too. It definitely would've been a record year for us," said Zierath.

What really helps them out is their huge outdoor patio.

"Obviously summers are short in Wisconsin as it is so you just want to be outside anyway, but with the impact of COVID, that patio is a must, and again with us being able to have ninety people on the Patio with proper social distancing and live music it's a great help for us," said Zierath.

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