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We're Open: Grab a slice at Zaffiro's

Posted at 6:23 AM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 14:16:56-05

Zaffiro's has been making thin-crust pizza on North Farewell Ave on the East Side for many years. The pizza here is sort of like an institution in Milwaukee.

Owner Michael Zaffiro explains why his award-winning pizza and restaurant are so special.

"First of all, they come for the pizza, it's really been the same over the past 65 years, and I just think it's a comfortable place. We're in a real eclectic area, this a great side of town, and we just have been making it work."

Mike has been working here since he was a kid, but it was his dad Liborio, who started Zaffiro's back in 1954.

Inside you can see the standing history, which has seated many over the years.

The pandemic has changed everything here, indoor dining has been closed since last March, so it's just delivery, carry-out, and curbside.

They've had their share of success over the years. Michael says it's the pizza.

"Our pizza stands up, it won't fold over, I mean, if you get it right out of the oven, when you grab that piece of pizza, it's holding there, no drooping, nothing like that."

The thinness also helps with you being able to tell the taste, Micheal continues. "All of the different products that we put on the pizza, you get a much better taste of the pizza, and it's not real filling and you're not heavily loaded down."

How special is the place here? Three couples have gotten married here.

"The first two I didn't know very well, and they just came in and they didn't announce that they were [getting married], the minister started the ceremony in the dining room and there are other people eating. The second and third ones, I knew about. Two were friends of ours and the other couples were lifelong customers of ours, and they come in it was beautiful."

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