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We're Open: Get your sweet fix at Classy Girl Cupcakes

Posted at 7:56 PM, Jul 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-16 20:56:32-04

MILWAUKEE — Classy Girl Cupcakes on North Jefferson street is a specialty bakery that is known for their cakes and cupcakes. Erica Elia has owned it for the past ten years.

"I was a lawyer for five years I wanted cupcakes at my wedding and there weren't any cupcakes shops in Milwaukee when I was getting married. I decided that I would just bake them myself and everyone loved them," said Elia.

After having her daughter, Elia decided to start a new career path and opened Classy Girl Cupcakes.

"Deciding that I like this better and I ended up opening the bakery while I was on maternity leave with my daughter," said Elia.

Their biggest problem during this pandemic is the cancellation of weddings and events. So they had to get creative to keep that cash register ringing.

"Everyone was canceling orders we had a lot of weddings scheduled people were postponing our canceling their weddings so we actually invented Quarantine cakes. We also have a bunch of other designs like paper towels, and kleenex and toilet paper, all of these fun things made it to cake that people were panic buying," said Elia.

    Classy Girl Cupcakes is located at 825 N Jefferson St. and is open 7 days a week.
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