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Ward's House of Prime changes its methods, not its focus

Prime rib still what brings people here.
Posted at 10:39 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 23:39:56-04

MILWAUKEE — The Travel Channel voted Ward's House of Prime one of the top steakhouses in the country. But when you're trying to make it through a pandemic, you adjust the way you do things.

"We've been doing to-go and some delivery service, which we've never done before," said owner, Brian Ward. "We weren't a place that did a lot of to-go business if any because that's just not what we were known for. So, now we're pivoting and doing Easter Sunday dinner, Mother's Day dinner, and doing package meals to go."

They have a nice advantage here with four separate rooms and a patio, so they can spread people out for social distancing.

"People want to be in a safe environment, where they feel comfortable," Ward said. "And where they feel they can go and have somewhat of a normal life such as a birthday day dinner, an anniversary dinner, or just dinner with friends and feel comfortable and get to enjoy each other."

Ward points to a few reasons why his prime rib ranks among the best.

"We're known for our prime rib," he said. "I mean that's why we've been on the TV shows for having the best prime rib in America. We take a lot of pride in our prime rib. It's aged 60 to 70 days before we ever get it. Then we season it with the seasoning blend that we came up with ten years ago."

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