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Record Paczki Day sales at Aggie's Bakery in West Allis

Posted at 6:26 PM, Feb 15, 2021

WEST ALLIS — Paczki Day sales for Aggie's Bakery in West Allis are expected to be the biggest ever - by a long shot too.

The owner of the bakery, Rachel Schmidbauer, said they expect to sell around 17,000 Paczki between Monday and Tuesday, despite a global pandemic.

"Sales have been actually incredible. We’ve got an increase of quite a bit. Last year we were right around 10,000 paczkis, and we’re at about - we’ve got 3,500 for today and about 13,500 on order for tomorrow," she said.

Paczki Day is one of the busiest days of the years for some bakeries. To add 7,000 more orders to the workload means Aggie's Bakery crews will be working around the clock - literally.

“We’ll be here into the very wee hours of the morning when we open at 6 tomorrow. It is absolutely likely that some of us will not be going home.”

You can pick up paczki from Aggie's in-store or do a drive-up option in the alley behind the bakery.If you click this link, you can see a list of other places selling paczki on Tuesday.

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