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Frustration brews at Carini's

They're closed, but blocks away from open places
Posted at 10:39 PM, May 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-28 23:39:31-04

MILWAUKEE — If you looking for some good Sicilian food, Carini's La Conca D' Oro has been serving it up for 23 years. Owner Peter Carini says this family is feeling the financial pain caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

"When I closed I'll tell you what, I think we lost the best two months, April and May," he explains. "We had a lot of business, with graduations, showers, and we lost all of that."

And what's more frustrating for Peter and his family, is they can look down the block from their restaurant on Oakland Avenue to Shorewood and see the restaurants are open. His wife wrote a letter to the Mayor and got no response.

"A block away we have restaurants and bars that are open," Janet Carini says. "The residents are leaving the city and going to the communities that are open. They are tired of being at home. They want to be out and then go back home. They're taking their money out of the city. They can keep their money in the city if he (Mayor Barrett) opens. I said he's being naive if he thinks he's protecting his residents because it's not working."

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