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Call 4 Action: Use caution before hiring lawn care services

Posted at 8:22 AM, Apr 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-27 09:22:51-04

MILWAUKEE -- Now that the grass is getting greener and the weeds are coming back, you may be thinking about hiring a lawn care service.

Before you pay for services or sign a contract, here are a few things that you might to do to be sure that you are getting the best service from a qualified and reputable company.

Do not rely on quotes that are only provided by phone. Make sure that the company has seen your yard, and provides an accurate analysis of your grass type and the treatment plan.

Avoid being pressured to sign a contract or agree to services on the spot.

Get more than one quote and check out the reputation of the companies with multiple sources.

Do not simply trust testimonials on their website. Check out the reputation with consumer agencies, social media, and others who you know and trust to provide accurate information.

If the service plan involves any natural or chemical pesticide application, check with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection to be sure that they are properly licensed.

When you are ready to hire a company to do the work, make sure to get a detailed, written contract, that provides the name, street address and phone number for the company, the type of service to be provided, intervals, pricing, and warranty and refund information.

If you hire a service and run into problems that you are not able to resolve with the company, contact our Call 4 Action office for help.