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Milwaukee's Saint Kate Hotel amplifying female artists' voices and their art

Posted at 10:36 PM, Apr 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-15 23:36:17-04

MILWAUKEE — Inside one of Milwaukee's premier hotels are hidden treasures, where the voices of female artists are being amplified through their art.

From the bar to the restaurant, even in a closet, there is an artful surprise around every corner of the Saint Kate Hotel.

Linda Marcus gives a tour of the boutique hotel, naming off each artist like a familiar family member.

"They are like my babies. I look at this art and they are part of my family," said Linda Marcus.

When the Marcus Corporation decided to do an art hotel, Marcus wanted art that could speak to the heart and mind. She was also intentional in purchasing artwork from artists in the region and highlighting female artists.

"Their art stands up to the men and we have a platform to show people," Marcus said. "Then when you show people the art together, then you realize gender doesn't make a difference. Then you realize it's just great art."

Artist Tyanna Buie is one of the many female artists showcased.

"When I looked around the hotel before she gave me the list, I was like 'this person is going to be here. What an amazing opportunity.' This is the future of a hotel, let's not only sleep here, but get some culture," said Tyanna Buie.

The Detroit artist describes her artwork style as personal narrative.

"People would think 'oh it's personal, how can anyone else relate?' Reality TV is still a thing. There is something about other people's stories that gives us insight into ourselves," Buie says.

Her large installation, 'The Estate,' features pieces of jewelry from her mother's treasured collection.

"I think about our past, not growing up with my mom. And that was a very sorted past, and yet she is still here. So how do I appreciate that and also honor her, and honor the journey," Buie says.

It's journeys like Buie's that Marcus hopes guests will explore during their stay at the Saint Kate.

"Half of our seed collection is represented by women and underrepresented groups. It warms my heart that we have done that: provide a place for more women artists to be seen," says Marcus.

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