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DNR says a domestic dog was behind Lisbon farm animal attack

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jun 12, 2024

New information from state wildlife experts says an attack on farm animals in Lisbon was not from a wolf or a wolf hybrid. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says after reviewing the photos and videos they can say with certainty that the attack on the animals at Platinum Sky Farm was a domestic dog.

Amy Hackbarth is nuzzled by one of her goats and her other goat Holly sits quietly in her bandages.

The news did not surprise Amy Hackbarth or her neighbors who we spoke to off-camera. They said that is not uncommon in rural areas and they have to watch out for their own farm animals.

Amy is now sharing surveillance videos with us in hopes of identifying the dog and finding the owner.

Picture of the dog who attacked the goats and chickens

“He was not aggressive. He did not have an aggressive look on his face,” said Amy.

Amy Hackbarth checks the bandages on one of her goats that survived a dog attack.

Tuesday morning, Amy came face to face with the dog inside her barn.

“I saw his head poking out,” said Amy. “I got about this far away from him.”

When Amy looked inside the barn she realized the scope of what the dog had done. A dozen animals had been attacked by the dog, and five goats and a chicken were killed. Four other goats were left badly hurt. We were there this afternoon as the vet came to check out how they were healing.

Bite marks visible on the back of one of the goats.

I spoke to the DNR large carnivore specialist Randy Johnson. He told me after reviewing the pictures they would not be investigating Amy’s attack because they could say with certainty it was not a wild animal. Therefore, it would be up to Waukesha County Sheriff's Office to investigate. We reached out to them along with animal welfare but neither responded to us so far. Amy has been going around to her neighbors to try to see if she can find the dog’s owner but so far no one knows who the dog belongs to.

“That dog is multiple properties away from where it should be. And on top of that, it seems to have a really good time killing things,” said Amy.

She is worried the dog will come back and hurt more of her animals.

“I don’t like the unknown. I don’t like the idea of no one knowing who he belongs to or if he belongs to anyone,” said Amy.

The goats are not just pets. They are also known for goat yoga. The goats have classes this Friday and Saturday in Milwaukee and she says the ones who were not attacked will be there.

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