How Prince's crew once helped attract big artists to the Big Gig

TMZ reports Prince has died
Posted at 7:39 AM, Jun 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-25 08:39:31-04

MILWAUKEE — Multi-million dollar improvements have been made ahead of opening day June 26 to keep artists coming to Milwaukee for generations to come.

Summerfest's Vice president of entertainment Bob Babisch recalls a recommendation from none other than Prince.

"The first time he came here he loved it," recalled Babisch, "And The [Rolling] Stones wanted to do something different than the usual stadiums they did so the producers remembered Summerfest site."

Then word about Summerfest's magic got to Beatles legend Paul McCartney, "His people talked to the stones people and they said you'll love the building it feels like the audience is right there on top of you."

With artists seeking to do more over-the-top shows for their audiences, Summerfest raised the roof, literally.

"Every stadium has 60 feet of clearance so going into this we said we needed a stadium roof," said Babisch.

They also invested tens of millions into new video screens, moveable stage to create anything you could imagine and something we will not see, but artists appreciate: beautiful dressing rooms.

"We've already had people call and say could you change the color of the dressing room and we said no we dont do that how about if you change the furniture, well if you pay for it well change the furniture," said Babisch.

He says wait for even more next year. This includes new audience seating, VIP sections, bathrooms and concessions.