A guide to new food at Summerfest

Posted at 7:45 PM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-03 20:45:22-04

MILWAUKEE — The next best thing to the music at Summerfest is the food. There are a few new options and vendors, and I did the tough job of taste testing some of the new items.

Bottle House 42

This is a new vendor at the music festival. I tried two of their menu options: Funky Chicken and the Wisco-Poutine.

Wisco-Poutine from Bottle House 42

Both were very delicious. From my personal view, the Funky Chicken was a good dish, done well. The crunch was there, and the spice levels were everything I wanted in a fried chicken sandwich.

Funky Chicken
Funky Chicken from Bottle House 42

The Wisco-Poutine became my favorite new meal at Summerfest. It has cheese curds, summer sausage, fries, onions, and gravy. All those ingredients came together seamlessly. It's a heavy meal so watch out.

Fuel Cafe

Fuel Cafe is a new vendor at Summerfest. Two of their highlights are the carne asada fries and the cauliflower buffalo bites.

I didn't get the chance to try the carne asada fries, but the buffalo bites were delicious. It's good for the vegetarians who don't usually get to eat chicken wings. For the meat eaters out there, you can't replace the same consistency and texture of chicken, but the cauliflower does its best impersonation.

Buffalo Cauliflower
Buffalo Cauliflower from Fuel Cafe

They come very sauce-y so bring some napkins. Plus, they come hot. Not crazy hot, but still for the faint of heart, you'll want a water bottle next to you.

Ward's Burger Express

Ward's Burger Express is an extension of Ward's House of Prime Rib. The most popular item at the second location is the bacon-wrapped prime rib bites. They taste exactly how they sound. By themselves, they are good. However, it's imperative you dip them in the creamy horseradish sauce. It truly adds the complimentary touch that completes the meal.

Bacon Wrapped Prime Rib Bites
Bacon Wrapped Prime Rib Bites from Ward's Burger Express

These are just some of the new additions. Airport and mall staple, Auntie Anne's, is also a new vendor.

I think the best way to test all this food is to come with some friends and split the meals. That especially goes for the Wisco-Poutine. If you eat all of that, you will need a nap. But there is no place to nap at Summerfest (let alone all the stages with loud music blasting out of them) so you might be slumped over at a picnic table for a while.

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