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'Veterans Journey Home' documentary features Milwaukee veterans program

Posted at 8:40 PM, Jan 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-27 00:32:09-05

The film crew for the documentary "Veterans Journey Home," was in Wauwatosa this week. It's produced by famed producer, director and writer Frederick Marx.

Marx is famous for such acclaimed films as "Hoop Dreams" and "Journey to Zanskar."

"We're going to make an hour-long program for television to highlight the best solutions out there to support veterans," Marx said.

The film will spotlight "Healing Warrior Hearts." The Milwaukee program helps veterans combat PTSD and other trauma.

"We help veterans tell their story in a safe environment so they let go of some of the pain they have been carrying and holding. They find ways to reconnect with people and find their joy again," said Founder Patricia Clason.  

Marx has followed Clason's success rate with Veterans for 20 years.

"It's a fulfillment of a dream really to come here and film her work," Marx said.  

The documentary will highlight options for military men and women returning to civilian life. It's a reminder that the military wounds of military service cannot be ignored, and we should all enlist in the moral mission to serve those who served us. 

"There's only a handful, but there's some wonderful work being done out there. Our company is about making films about solutions," Marx said 

"To have someone who believes the work is valuable and important enough to let the world know about it makes my heart sing," Clason said. 

Veterans Journey Home will be released Memorial Day of 2019. For more information visit their website.