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Milwaukee woman shares passion for four-legged friends with 'Dogwaukee'

Posted at 8:30 AM, Feb 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 10:22:51-05

The minute you walk into Jessica Ginster's Glendale home, it's clear she is a dog lover.

Some have even called her the "dog whisperer."

Her love of pooches is just one reason why she started "Dogwaukee."

Ginster explains, "Dog-walking is a business, training and boarding dogs. My services range from simple dog walking to behavioral corrections. I have five dogs that have come [since they] were puppies when they came and they left walking on leash, sitting, laying down, and staying. And that was all done within one week."

Ginster admits she's always had a special way with her four-legged friends.

"My dogs and I would make a connection I would sit down on the sofa, it would come and sit by me, and then I would just wait a few moments to see if it would allow me to pet it, and then all sudden we're best friends. People are like, he's never done that before!"

"I think there's this innate energy within me, that I think allows me to resonate with dogs."

It was her astute realization of one dog's bark that alerted her that something was wrong recently.

"I noticed his bark was different because dogs bark differently for different reasons. He gave me two quick tips and two quick tips are 'come here there's something interesting,' and I just said, what are you looking at and I looked out the window and I said, 'oh my gosh!' I saw a dog close to drowning in the Milwaukee River. Immediately I just went down on all fours. And I crawled out on the ice. And then I had to lay myself I did like spread eagle to distribute my weight across the ice. And then I did the army crawl to the puppy, where, when I started getting closer to the puppy, I locked eyes with it. And I just said, hold on, hold on, because it was at the point where it was just the nails were going to slip off, I got to the top of the hill. I got in my car seat cranked the heat, and he just hunkered down and was like, 'I'm so thankful I'm so cold!'"

Ginster majored in philosophy and biology and is now pursuing certification as an animal behavioral specialist. She shares this advice when it comes to teaching pups.

"It's going to require time. Just like children, it's easy to make children, but it's not easy to raise children. If you need to buy a dog or to get a dog, know it's not easy to train a dog."

Jessica Ginster is in doggy heaven knowing she can make a living doing what she loves.

She says, "It's rewarding helping people take control of their dogs and strengthen that bond and that relationship. It sparks a little something in me that's just like, Oh, it's working," She laughs.

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