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Milwaukee author wins four awards for her book 'I am a Triathlete'

Posted at 3:55 PM, Aug 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-16 16:55:53-04

MILWAUKEE — We have great news from a Milwaukee author we introduced you to about a year ago.

Nia Obotette wrote a book about being a black triathlete when she couldn't find anything similar to inspire her niece. Now, Nia's book, "I am a Triathlete," has won four awards! I spoke to her about all the excitement of the past year.

"Well thank you so much for joining us this morning, Nia. You're such an inspiration to so many people. My first question, why did you decide to write a children's book?"

"I started writing the story and it just felt right and came to life. It just felt like this was something that the world needed to see."

"We know that there's a big problem with obesity and nutrition in this country, particularly among African Americans, so that's something we have to continue to raise awareness [for] and you're doing your part!"

"I think it's important that we see more people, more diverse people at the starting line of these races, particularly triathlons or swim events. There are so many firsts that African Americans still have not achieved."

"It's really amazing and your response has been great. Talk about the response you've gotten, Nia."

"We started with the crowd funder through kick starter, and that's when we were first on your show… we were right in the midst of our kickstarter. It was really exciting, Within the first 24 hours, we had made our goal. We actually raised, in the fundraiser, over 16,000 dollars for the book."

"It's won a couple of awards now, we're now up to the fourth award. And the fourth one was the Creative Child Award, and that one was really impressive, because they take parents… and educators who look at your book and then award it."

"Mind you, I'm a self published author so I don't have these huge publishing companies behind me, I don't have a PR machine, you know? So it's been gratifying to know that people are embracing my content and that it's being recognized for encouraging people."

"Well, continued good luck, Nia, and really, most importantly, stay healthy and keep letting everybody know that we all can do it!"

"We can, we can, Carole!"

The other three awards Nia won included an award for Best Children's Encouragement Book, and an award for Best Book Related to Exercise, Fitness and Sports. "I am a Triathlete" was also named Best Picture Book for Authors Celebrating Diverse Backgrounds.

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