Homer Blow giving gifts for his birthday for the 23rd year

Posted at 7:47 PM, Jun 16, 2017

Milwaukee's own Homer Blow is proving that toys aren’t just for kids. He's been busy buying playthings for a purpose.

For the past 23 years, in the middle of June, Blow's home becomes a toy sanctuary.

From Spiderman to dolls, to legos and bikes, it's a child's dream.

Every year Blow throws a huge party on his birthday and buys toys for local gifts. This year he's purchased about $5,000 worth of toys for kids of all ages and backgrounds.

"It's just a chance for a kid to enjoy being a kid, being able to eat free, play till they're tired, go home with toys, a chance to have a bike, just experience what it’s supposed to be like to be a kid," Blow said. "To be able to give them these toys, it doesn't cost them anything but showing up, that's a great feeling in my heart."

Kids get free food, games and drinks. A day of fun and making positive memories.

Donors and volunteers make it all possible.

"It's sad that our community is going through the things they are going through. But I want them to know that there's some people that really care. You can tell a person you care, then you can show a person you care," Blow said.

For Blow, the gifts are more than toys. They're symbols of a compassionate man with a colossal heart and a deep calling to make children smile.

'"It's one of those legacy things I have always shared with my wife is that when it's time to move on that this party still goes on," he said.

Blow admits he could not do it without the help of his wife, community sponsors and more than 100 volunteers.

Homer Blow's 23rd Birthday Party takes place next Saturday, June 24 at the Fitzsimonds Boys and Girls Club at 3400 West North Avenue.

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