PolitiFact Wisconsin: Paul Ryan blocking new gun laws?

Posted: 7:15 PM, Apr 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-06 20:15:16-04

Gun control remains a big issue and House Speaker Paul Ryan taking heat for not moving on several new proposals.

PolitiFact Wisconsin looked at a claim that suggests Ryan is blocking new laws.

House Speaker Paul Ryan the focus of outrage for his position on gun laws. This time from a political action committee named for former Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

She was shot in 2011 at an event in Tucson that killed 6 people and injured a dozen others.

"Giffords PAC says that Paul Ryan has blocked all efforts to strengthen our gun laws," said Tom Kertscher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

PolitiFact Wisconsin looked at several proposed gun laws on Ryan's watch as Speaker and many never made it out of committee.

"It's certainly true that Paul Ryan is a gun rights supporter," said Kertscher. "Since he was made Speaker in 2015, there have been a number of gun bills that have not been taken up for a vote in the house of representatives."

But did Ryan actually block those proposed laws? PolitiFact Wisconsin says Ryan's campaign cited three measures that passed the House.

"The Giffords PAC statements is that Ryan has blocked all measures, but the house did recently approve a bill that strengthens the background check system for gun sales," said Kertscher.

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated this statement Mostly False.