Political action committee registers with City of Milwaukee, announces plan to recall Mayor Barrett

Posted at 10:38 AM, Jul 07, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- A freshly-registered political action committee has released a statement saying it intends to circulate a petition to recall Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

"Save our City. Milwaukeeans Can't Wait" was registered as a recall committee with the City of Milwaukee on Friday. Allen L. Jansen is listed as the recall petitioner, with Darryl Farmer listed as the committee's treasurer.

In the filing, the committee lists four reasons for Barrett's recall, including malfeasance in public office, official misconduct, dereliction of duty, and endangerment of public health.

It's not clear when Jansen or the committee plans on beginning to collect signatures. Once a intent to recall statement has been filed, a group has 60 days to collect signatures, according to the Election Commission. Once the signatures have been collected, Mayor Barrett would have ten days to challenge their validity. 

Barrett said he had heard rumors about a possible petition three weeks ago from people unhappy with the results of the 2016 mayoral election. 

“So they decided what they would do is that they would wait the one year period that they’re required to wait under law and that they would then launch a recall petition although I got 70 percent of the vote in 2016,” Barrett said.

“I take it very seriously because there very well could be outside money involved in this, and that’s a rumor we’ve heard is that there’s going to be some dark outside money that’s going to flow into this,” he also said.

Barrett pointed to the economic development that's occurred with him in office and the jobs it creates, including the new Bucks arena.  

When asked if he would seek reelection, Barrett said, "Absolutely. I love this job, I’m going to continue to be mayor.”

Keith Jones, a Milwaukee voter, voiced his support for Barrett, and called on the petitioners to stop before they waste money. 

“Stop it, it’s not that serious," Jones said. "You know Mayor Barrett, he’s doing everything he can do, everything. If you ain’t giving him a chance, just imagine how Milwaukee was a couple years ago to now. It’s a big change and a big difference.” 

You can see the group's full filing here.