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Two Americas: Day in the Life of a new mom in Kenosha County

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Posted at 6:00 AM, May 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-09 06:59:24-04

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. — The week of Mother's Day gives us a chance to zero in on the challenges facing moms in 2022 in America.

Our Two Americas series expands the America we know by illuminating the America we may not.

We introduce you to a Kenosha County mom who is juggling life with a newborn.

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We asked Kalies Majors what it is like being a mom. "Some days it can be tiring, frustrating, but it's a lot of joy that comes with it. Seeing him reach milestones is excellent. Him being able to lift his neck, his smiling, the excitement of him seeing me."

While Majors was pregnant with baby Grayson, she studied online for her high school equivalency degree. She graduated with him in her arms.

"I got my high school diploma for him, so we can have a better life. I feel like I finally jumped over that barrier," said Majors.


The first-time mom feels she was then met with another barrier. "My job I was working at when I had him did not offer me paid maternity leave, so it's very hard to struggle to pay bills with the little bit of money I did save. His father helps out a lot and then WIC and working," she said.

She had just completed a job interview before we arrived. "It's to be a corrections officer. It's just a stepping stone to make good money. It starts at $26," she said.

She says race is something she plans to talk about one day with her son. "It's not something you can ignore with everything going on - police brutality. I just want to teach him where we came from, and teach him about his skin color," Majors said.

She shares the dreams she has for her son. "It's important for him to go to school and for him not only to be respected by his skin color, but his knowledge and education."

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Majors has more dreams for her family. "The goal is to have my own brokerage and be building homes," she said.

A small look into the life of this 21-year-old mom, who says her family is about to grow by one. "I'm expecting again December 2022!"

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