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Russia blames space station lab incident on software failure

Russia Space Station
Posted at 3:27 PM, Jul 30, 2021

MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian space official has blamed a software problem on a newly docked science lab that briefly knocked the International Space Station out of position.

The 22-ton (20-metric-ton) Russian lab unexpectedly fired its jet thrusters after docking Thursday.

The space station was knocked out of its proper position for 47 minutes before NASA and Russian controllers regained control.

The flight director of the space station's Russian segment said Friday that "a short-term software failure" was responsible and a direct command to turn on the lab's engines was mistakenly implemented.

He said the station is in its normal orientation at the moment.

He added that the crew planned to open the hatch to the lab later Friday.

On Thursday, NASA said the station moved 45 degrees out of attitude because of the incident, which is about one-eighth of a complete circle, the Associated Press reported.

NASA added that the crew wasn't in any danger.

However, the incident did cause the space agency to postpone Boeing's crew capsule test flight that was scheduled for Friday in Florida.