Harlem Globetrotters star surprises Wisconsin boy with rare disease

Harlem Globetrotters star shares bullying message
Posted at 3:12 PM, Mar 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-20 16:30:14-04

An entire school got to take part in a birthday surprise for one of its students when a Harlem Globetrotters star stopped by.

The celebration included a special message about bullying for the 10-year-old boy who's had to endure his fair share.

Zeus McClurkin from the Harlem Globetrotters explained the ABCs of preventing bullying. 

Bullying is something that 10-year-old Ethan Kranig knows quite a bit about. He has a rare genetic condition that can cause missing fingers and toes, a cleft lip and growth problems. Ethan has also lost much of his eyesight.

His mother Natalie said they recently resolved a bullying issue. 

"The kid was calling Ethan a name and it really hurt him. He came home crying. We talked to the teachers about it and the kid wrote an apology. Ethan came home and said you know what, that kid wrote an apology and I forgive him Mom," said Natalie.

Ethan's brother Wyatt said, "It kinda hurts me. You know he's a unique kid. Once you really get to know the guy, he's amazing."

Ethan's parents took him to see the ocean for the first time last summer. A foundation arranged for Ethan to become an honorary lifeguard during his visit to the New Jersey Shore and an honorary police officer with the Wildwood Police Department.

The Globetrotters heard about Ethan and decided to pay him a visit in his hometown of Prescott, Wisconsin.

"I don't want anyone bullying while Ethan is on the job. You guys promise me that? Awesome," said McClurkin.

McClurkin gave Ethan tickets to see the Globetrotters perform in Wisconsin later in March.