Dog eats marijuana at park, develops 'scary' symptoms

KGTV Dog eats marijuana
Posted at 10:12 AM, Jan 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-08 11:12:24-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A Normal Heights dog owner is warning about a hidden danger at dog parks.

Bosco, a 2-year-old bullypit, loves his treats and just about anything else his mouth can reach.

"He's a vacuum. He's eaten some weird stuff," Mark Groveman said.

On Friday morning, the list of stuff got longer sometime during a 40-minute period. During that time, Groveman walked Bosco to the off-leash area at Ward Canyon Park and let him play. Eventually they walked home. Groveman put him in the house, left for work and returned home five hours later.

"He was laying on the bed, scared and shivering. He had wet the bed a couple times. He was arching his back in a weird way, swaying side to side. I thought he was having a stroke," Groveman said.

Groveman decided to rush Bosco to the emergency vet.

"He was arching his back in a weird way, swaying side to side. I thought he was having a stroke." — dog owner Mark Groveman

"In the car, he was bobbing his head forward. He kept nodding off. Honestly I thought he was going to die. A lot of panic and some praying as well," said Groveman.

At the vet, Bosco got a quick diagnosis.

"They said they are seeing it every day," said Groveman.

Bosco likely ingested marijuana, which tests later confirmed. Experts say, in some cases, eating marijuana for dogs can lead to seizures and in rare cases, death. Edibles and tinctures — with higher THC concentrations —are most concerning. According to the ASPCA, since the legalization of marijuana in California, dog toxicity cases have jumped 130 percent.

In the case of Bosco, a slow heartbeat was initially a concern, but he fortunately was back to his normal self 24 hours later.

"He has to run around and play, but I'm going to be a bit more aware," said Groveman.