You can ‘adopt’ a senior to help make their last year of high school special amid pandemic

You can ‘adopt’ a senior to help make their last year of high school special amid pandemic
Posted at 4:57 PM, Apr 17, 2020

High school seniors across the country are missing out on big milestones due to coronavirus, like prom, graduation and other senior sendoff events.

"I've cried quite a few times, just because it’s like we're missing out on things, even if they are small monumental moments, they still are things I had the expectation of happening,” said one senior. “Like I said, the walk through the school and the senior prank, and senior skip, all that stuff."

Now groups are making sure seniors still end their year in a special way.

Mary Storey created a Facebook group called “Adopt a High School Senior.”

Families post a picture and a quick biography about their high school senior, then other members “adopt” them and send cards and gifts boxes.

“The importance of adopting a senior is to uplift them, to bring them joy into their life, because right now, they're feeling a little down and out,” said Storey. “Because in 13 years, they've been in school, working so hard to make it to this point and it has now been shut down and pushed back.”

People are adopting seniors who they've never met across the country.

Anyone can nominate a senior for “adoption,” and anyone can adopt.

There are no rules as to what type of gifts should be given.

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